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Few artists have survived the makeshift trends, lineup changes and unfathomable trials and tribulations of the music industry and managed to still remain a class act of its own, continuing to revolutionize and inspire the Asian movement of original music. Stigmata have long etched a legacy carved with passion, sheer perseverance and an unadulterated vision, to carry Sri Lanka’s flag loudly ‘n proudly across the globe, while shattering paradigms and breaking boundaries along the way.

Having grated against the norm with uncompromising spirit, unblemished originality and a penchant to bridge the gap between the exotic and the eclectic, Stigmata have raised hell, highwater and everything in between to rise to the apex as one of the region’s premier musical cornerstones and revered acts. Renowned for their riveting and jaw dropping live performances, their bold quest to innovate and evolve stylistically and their talent to encompass crazy energy, an iron resolve and an affinity for creativity that’s truly unparalleled… Stigmata certainly leave no stones unturned. With a grand spanking new lineup joining the ensemble’s founders and principal songwriting core Stigmata is set to conquer the music world with a new sound, a new look to spellbind audiences on this new frontier with its sonic sorcery, evocative originality and WTF work ethic. Few bands have the staying power, the creative impetus and drive, the perseverance and passion to keep churning out groundbreaking music supported with stellar album artwork and some of the most amazing merchandize launched as Stigmata have.


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