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Shafeek - Guitars


The voluptuous Shafeek was born in 1992 and received his formal education at Wesley College. Shafeek is naughty but nice and in a relationship. He is a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer by vocational choice and is also training to be a pilot. An animal lover Shafeek owns a plethora of exotic birds, dogs and hamsters. He is a reputed geek and a collector of comics, figurines and rare collectibles. A massive fan of football and a committed gamer, when Shafeek isn’t rehearsing and plotting world dominion you will find him spending ample time in the gym.

Favourite Albums

  • God’s Equation Pagan’s Mind
  • Dead heart in a dead world – Nevermore
  • Cow boys from hell – Pantera
  • Pleasure to kill – Kreator
  • Master of puppets – Metallica
  • Rust in Peace – Megadeth


  • Schecter Damien Elite 7
  • Pod Hd 500x


  • Steve Vai
  • Jeff Loomis

  • Andy James
  • Paul Gilbert

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